They Shall Swoop – A Detective Swoop Story

They Shall Swoop
247 Pages
ISBN 978-1548042387

A wild cab ride, mysterious phone calls. disappearing newscasters, haunting footsteps in the Brooklyn Museum unravels a wave of crime in this musically infused blockbuster. A loud splash and the sound of helicopters overhead sets the stage for an adventurous journey into the dark side of art theft.

Only the best can break through the tainted maze to justice and the best is Detective Ted Swoop. Swoop's in charge of unraveling the elaborate scheme to steal art from an award-winning Afro-Caribbean art gallery that's owned by Susan Burton and Omari Thomas. He'll wow you with his skills, charm, and mystique.

Swoop's chase to stop the unwanted intruders at Omari Boutique leads to an international cartel, covers and a race against time. This powerful mystery contains a message of love, temptation, and redemption. This book is inspired by real-life events.

Gwendolyn I. Cahill

About Gwendolyn I. Cahill (Richmond, Virginia Author)

Gwendolyn I. Cahill

Gwendolyn Cahill was born in New York City and raised in Mount Vernon, New York. She is a graduate of the University of Hartford's Mass Communications program and received a Master of Science and Advanced Certificate in Communication Studies from The College of New Rochelle. She is a charter member of Lambda Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Cahill's fond love of art and music, is highlighted in many of her writings. She is a volunteer at the Virginia Repertory Theater. She has sung in gospel choirs in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia, including the McDonald's Gospel Choir and the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church Inter-generational and Mass Choir. Gwen also performed in the combined choir at the funeral for Congressman Donald Payne, Sr. at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, and sang at the Prudential Center in Newark at a tribute for Whitney Houston.

She is a former Child Protective and Adult Protective worker. She retired from Westchester County in 2014. She is affectionately known as Ebony to some and is the mother of twins. She enjoys movies, singing, plays, and travel. She enjoys singing to her grandson, Courtney.