Thinking Critically – The Gadfly Exercises

Thinking Critically
95 Pages
Stansbury Publishing, Chico, CA
ISBN 978-1-935807-37-7

Over the years, I have developed scenarios, ponderings, and writings trying to help me think more critically. I pass some of these along to you in this book, not to have you agree or disagree with me, but to encourage you to develop your own reasons to some of life’s most challenging questions.

Don’t believe everything you hear or read at first glance. Think for yourself. You are going to need to spend time with yourself. Maybe turn off the music and take a quiet walk. Ask yourself a question and then answer it. It is as simple as that. Oh, sorry, I forgot, you might have to do some research by checking with the experts and other knowledgeable in the field.

Probably it would help you to write down your own thoughts so that you can review them over your lifetime. They will probably change, or they should change, as you gain more experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

Jerome Dirnberger

About Jerome Dirnberger (Missoula, Montana Author)

Jerome Dirnberger

After spending several years in the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), I received a BA from the University of Notre Dame concentrating my studies in early Christianity. I went on to do graduate studies in cultural anthropology at the University of Colorado. While my professional career has been in business, I continued my interests in comparative religions and religious philosophy including publishing THE WRITINGS OF JEROME in 2010.

I published the TAO TE CHING as interpreted by Jerome in 2016 after spending years studying the Tao and rewriting it in 21st century English.

In 2018 I published THINKING CRITICALLY which is a compilation of some of my writings that I wish the readers to utilize as exercises in improving their abilities to think more critically.

In 2019 I will publish the The Gospel of Thomas which will be an interpretation of the original saying's of Jesus . Please see all my work at:

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