This is Forever – 13 Shades of Red Book 2

This is Forever
308 Pages
Sisters Price Publishing
ISBN 978-1493677092

The one woman Winter Tulane loved and lost is back, and he is determined to have her again, gracing his bed, filling his days and owning his heart. A joint tour with both Thirteen Shades of Red and her band, Strange Angels, is not the most optimal way to get her back, what with the actual working and pitfalls of the road to contend with, but Winter is determined to show her that what they had was good… and could be again.

Lola Cavendish harbors a secret she is desperate to keep from the one man she still wants and needs in her life. True, the joint tour with his band was her idea, but having an issue such as she does is not conducive to rekindling an affair. Taking drastic measures to ensure a reunion is the only way she can be certain she achieves her end game.

But the lives they both lead could stop a reunion before it starts. When past mistakes surface, it will take more than forgiveness to bring them together.

S.A. Price

About S.A. Price (Savannah, Georgia Author)

S.A. Price

S.A. Price has been a tour manager, model, potter, and retail slave, but found her calling when she penned her first novel.

Author of over 42 books, she writes with several people (including her sister) under the names S.A. Price, Stella and Audra Price, Dagmar Avery and Anastasia Virgas, creating paranormal worlds readers are addicted to.

She lives in South Carolina, just over the bridge from Savannah GA, with her husband and dogs in a house that proves every day is halloween.