Through The Woods

Through The Woods
106 Pages
ISBN 1496067215

Find yourself lost in this inspirational memoir, Through The Woods. Brought to live with her grandparents after her parent's divorce, Margie settled into a new life at the end of a dirt road in Colby Point, Illinois.

There she discovers the magic and wonder of a childhood filled with woods, wildlife and the majestic beauty of the Fox River. Margie is surrounded by the genteel senior relatives and eccentric neighbors that show her the mysterious part of life complete with Christmas wishes and chocolate wells.

Recalling these miracles and challenges of growing up, including her grandmother's battle with Multiple Sclerosis, Margie beautifully captures the nostalgic awe of a childhood long gone- but not forgotten.

Margie Mack

About Margie Mack (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Margie Mack

My name is Margie Mack and I live in Hanover Park, Illinois. I grew up in Colby Point, Chicago, Elk Grove Village and finally settled in Hanover Park for 30+ years. I am married 47 years, have a huge family of kids and grand-kids! Writing is what I love to do. I have published two books so far in a four part series. Both of my books have been sent to the "Oprah Winfrey's Leadership School for Girls" in South Africa! Some of my some of my stories have been featured in the "Chicken Soup of the Soul" series as well. I have been on the "You & Me" show on The U station in Chicago and you can find those shows on youtube.

I have a Facebook page with 8000+ followers that you can find under the following link: The third book in this series is "Leaving Camelot" and will be released in time for Christmas and then the final book in the series "Miles to Go" will be released next year. I am also working with a team in Hollywood on a screenplay that I wrote that is currently being optioned.

Future books include a mystery, a thriller, and three biographies on various people in my life. Finding 7 siblings late in my life I have a fabulous tale to tell you. I love to look at works of art because that is what inspires my poetry and stories. I find that a routine and sedentary life can be dangerous to our health, I would much rather die from an adventure!

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