Tired of Having It, But Not Using It? – 8 Secrets To Kicking Your It In Gear

Tired of Having It, But Not Using It?
102 Pages
ISBN 978-1-942688-17-4

You weren’t born to just pay bills and die. The truth is: You have the capacity for greatness inside you, far beyond what you are currently achieving. Your potential would stagger you! Discover the powerful yet simple changes you can make to be and to do great things … especially if this question applies to you: Are you Tired Of Having It, But Not Using It?

Break free from the grip of a self-image that is holding you back and discover the greatness of your own “It Factor” through action steps like believing, disconnecting from your thoughts, and sharing.

In these pages you will uncover . . .

  • The staggering capacity you have to be and do great things
  • What’s really been stopping you from being your best
  • The role of genuine confidence and how to make it last
  • The amazing number of people who will benefit when you discover and share your unleashed potential

Todd Thomas

About Todd Thomas (Dallas, Texas Author)

Todd Thomas

Todd Thomas, The Confidence Master, has been coaching and training high performance professionals for almost 20 years. Through his extensive experience he has created proven and unique systems that includes key mental methods and techniques that has helped thousands of individuals and groups reach levels of performance and mental toughness they never thought possible.

As a published author, award-winning speaker, and mental performance coach, Todd shares his high level strategies and expertise with business organizations, athletes, associations and individuals so they can achieve life changing confidence breakthroughs. With years of intensive study in the science and and mechanics of personal achievement, he has mastered the ability to help anyone realize their full and true potential.

Todd is the author of two books. His latest book Tired of Having It, But Not Using It? was written for specifically those who know that they have what it takes, but keep falling short. And for those who may already be wildly successful, but know there's always room for improvement.

Todd's has an extensive background as a speaker, expert guest and interview host. He has been seen and heard on over 100 radio stations nationwide including ABC Radio, Citadel, Cumulus Media and Fox Sports Radio.