To Thee I'm Wed

To Thee I'm Wed
222 Pages
ISBN 1517595010

Jason and Kathy Miller are brimming with hope and excitement for their future together as husband and wife on their wedding day in June of 1983.

Twenty years later, life isn’t so carefree anymore. Three children, several pounds, and graying hair have dampened the enthusiasm, and Kathy is feeling it. Caring for a home, a husband and teenagers isn’t always as fulfilling as a woman would want it to be…and that’s where problems begin for the Millers.

Her new job as a hostess at an upscale restaurant seems to be the answer. A new hairstyle and wardrobe, along with shedding a few pounds, goes a long way toward improving Kathy’s self-esteem. Having an attractive boss takes her mind off an inattentive Jason.

Antonio Giordano enters Kathy’s life and wreaks havoc on everything she holds dear. Antonio’s affluent and mysterious world calls out to her. One afternoon changes Kathy and those near to her heart, tossing them into a sea of regrets and challenging their belief system.

Kathy now travels a road she would never have considered walking as a young, exuberant bride. Jason struggles along, clearing a path through the brambles and thorns that have become their marriage.

Will a new baby repair all the damage done or shred the last ties binding them together?

Deborah Ann Dykeman

About Deborah Ann Dykeman (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Deborah Ann Dykeman

Deborah Ann Dykeman has been married for thirty-one years and has five fantastic children. At the last count, she had three wonderful sons-in-law and four grandchildren, with another one on the way. She has homeschooled her children, taught Sunday school, been an AWANA director, and works as a CNA at the local Assisted Living. She has been known to play the piano, but not well.

Her love of writing began almost twenty years ago, with four books written very quickly. Her love of history was the inspiration for 'Rubyville', a series of four books. Deborah has moved many times over the course of her life. This has given her much to write about!

She now resides in the state of Kansas in the beautiful Flint Hills region. She loves to hear from her readers, whether good or bad reviews, and always responds.