Too Close To Home? – Living with 'drill, baby' on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

Too Close To Home?
398 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9838628-6-4

With what author-activist Adam Briggle calls "an all too rare open-mindedness," author McKibben Jackinsky has interviewed families affected pro or con by the petroleum industry's presence on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, as well as civic leaders, alternative energy advocates and others. Woven through "Too Close To Home?" Jackinsky also unsparingly tells her own family and personal story, on the way to a decision about oil and gas exploration on her inherited three-acre share of Jackinsky land.

McKibben Jackinsky

About McKibben Jackinsky (Sterling, Alaska Author)

McKibben Jackinsky

McKibben Jackinsky's Russian-Alutiiq great-great-great-grandparents were among the founders of Ninilchik village on the Cook Inlet side of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. She spent a decade working in Alaska’s oil patch before beginning a career as a journalist, writing for publications in and out of Alaska. Her writing has won numerous awards and given her the opportunity to cover Alaska’s oil and gas industry from numerous perspectives.

Through her writing, Jackinsky became aware of the impacts to residents when fossil fuel exploration and production began moving into neighborhoods. Two years later, it took a personal turn when the industry came knocking at her Ninilchik cabin door.