Transformed – From Abused & Addicted to Living a Life of Purpose & Love

88 Pages
ISBN 1947279092

Does it feel like you're stuck in your addiction because it's all you've ever known? Are you struggling to move past hurtful experiences wondering if you'll ever feel loved? In her book, Transformed, Dallas Freeman shares how she overcame the hurt, guilt, and shame from years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as well as the choices she made. Before her own transformation, she thought life was always going to be miserable and that she was destined to repeat the cycles of abuse and addiction she experienced.  Then it happened–Dallas discovered there is life and love beyond abuse, and that it is possible to live as a survivor, not a victim. Though this story you will learn that, if you’re willing to face your pain, you can:

• Experience true healing
• Break the cycle of addiction abuse
• Make choices that build a better future  
• Live a life full of joy and purpose 

Are you ready to be transformed?

Dallas Freeman

About Dallas Freeman (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Dallas Freeman

Dallas grew up in an alcoholic, drug addicted, and abusive environment. Making her fair share of mistakes, she was finally able to turn her life around through a relationship with Jesus. Her life experiences have given her the ability to connect with people on a deeper level. She chooses to believe in the people no one believes in. She is a woman on a mission with a mission to restore, encourage, and believe in broken women and young people through relationships, and commitment to their freedom. 

She has traveled the country sharing her story, speaking truth and love to broken and hurting people. Her vulnerability and personality draws people to her and it is through this she is able to help them see, through God, they don’t have to be defined by their circumstances and pain.

Dallas is an ordained minister with a Bachelors in Christian Leadership. She enjoys making people laugh and laughing herself. One of her favorite things is her Converse shoes and she wear them all the time. She is a loyal, trustworthy friend and confidant. She has dedicated her life to seeing other peoples lives forever changed.