Transparent – How To See Through The Powerful Assumptions That Control You

Inside all of us is an autopilot that controls everything we do, say, and think every day. The autopilot is our assumptions. It’s not a matter of if you assume, but how you assume and whether your assumptions are true. Do you know what your deepest assumptions are? Do you know what assumptions drive your company? What assumptions are in classrooms, the media, or the government? Transparent gives you the ability to quickly see through these most dangerous of ideas as if you had x-ray vision.

You will easily see through the complex issues and ideologies of our day, and discover that every foundational assumption is religious. Because everyone assumes, everyone is a person of faith, just people of different faiths – even atheists! You’ll discover powerful ways to engage with your Christian faith in school, at work, in the community, when you read the news, or watch a movie. Better than apologetics and worldview and surprisingly practical, Transparent harnesses the power of assumptions so adults or students may quickly see through lies in what they read, watch, and hear, and bring Christ to the real world.

David W. Richardson, Jr.

About David W. Richardson, Jr. (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

David W. Richardson, Jr.

David Richardson served 30 years in ministry with Cru primarily to university professors. He is the founder and president of the Assumptions Institute. He knows the education system and how it dramatically influences culture. David has degrees from the University of Portland (B.A Interdisciplinary), the International School of Theology (M.A.T.S. in Apologetics), and the University of Oxford (MTh. in Applied Theology). His dissertation was a pioneering field study of the religious beliefs of atheist and agnostic professors.