Treason – Wings of a Dragonfly

391 Pages
ISBN 9781635540796

Four months into her presidency, a video delivered to all major networks and stations in the United States announced the kidnapping of Chyrise Elliot’s four adult children more than twenty-four hours after the fact. The Jihadi John style kidnapper demanded that she resign her presidency within forty-eight hours or that her children would be killed by beheading.

The kidnappings were done by small groups working independently without knowledge of others involved except for their immediate cell. With the kidnappings taking place in three different cities (one each in Cambridge, Massachusetts and East Lansing, Michigan and two in Ann Arbor) the Secret Service was taxed trying to identify the kidnapping teams.

Having only the video to work with and under the forty-eight-hour time constraint, the Secret Service has to verify the identity of the four people shown and determine the place where the video was recorded to give a clue as to where the kidnap victims are being held. Even when the location is determined, will there be time to rescue them?

Douglas Ewan Cameron

About Douglas Ewan Cameron (Akron, Ohio Author)

Douglas Ewan Cameron

Douglas Ewan Cameron is Professor Emeritus from The University of Akron where he taught in the mathematics department for 28 years. Upon retirement he and his wife started spending late spring through mid-October in their cabin on the shore of Hubbard Lake in the part of Michigan's lower peninsula know as "Up North". The rest of the year they reside in Copley, Ohio and from there have traveled the world visiting all seven continents and over one hundred countries.

His first first novel "The Body in the Perch Pond" introduced Hibbard Pond, his fictionalized Hubbard Lake and started his "Up North Mystery" series. His second book "Payback is a Bitch" takes place in the Caribbean and many places around the world where he has traveled. Many of his ideas have come to him while he has been traveling and "Payback is a Bitch" is no exception. In his writing he tries to be as authentic as possible seeking help from professionals in many fields.

When he is not writing or traveling he tries to fish as much as possible and enjoys trolling for walleye in Hubbard Lake in the middle of the summer. In the winter he enjoys watching football and doing cross-stitch.