Triggered – Dark Journey, Book One

396 Pages
ISBN 978-1-54398-863-5

When a criminalist and forensic psychologist discovers the love of his life is recalling childhood sexual abuse, Will Roberts puts his career on hold to help Julie Annalise recover. However, as her therapy progresses, they find that her father, an eminent forensic scientist—and Will’s mentor—may have been doing more than simply abusing his daughter.

Julie Annalise, who has multiple personalities, reveals through her alters that other men also abused her. As Will works the case with a detective friend, DNA obtained unofficially, pulls the FBI into the investigation. When the feds enter the case, it becomes clear that her father, Dr Richard Allan Hirsch, is involved in other nefarious activities on a bi-coastal scale.

Triggered is a psychological thriller wrapped around an intense romance. This is Book One in the Dark Journey Series, with each volume pausing as Will and Julie Annalise uncover more of her dark past, while shining the light of truth and justice on the evil in the world.

EP Jones

About EP Jones (Fresno, California Author)

EP Jones

EP Jones resides in the mountains near Yosemite National Park. Inspired by God's love and grace, Jones is a crusader for those who have experienced the horrors of rape, child abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking. Jones is also an advocate for persons with special needs, especially those on the autism spectrum.