Turning the Page – Overcoming Abuse to Reach Life's Fulfillment

Turning the Page
164 Pages
ISBN 978-1-940598-97-0

Michael Bluemling, Jr., an abuse survivor, has written a heartfelt and practical book about how people who have experienced abuse can move beyond it, healing their pasts so they can go on to experience fulfilled and purposeful lives.

Turning the Page is divided into three sections: “Facing Your Feelings and Fears,” “Moving Forward,” and “Fulfillment.” Individual chapters cover topics like “Getting Over Self-Blame,” “Letting Go,” “Breaking the Cycle,” and “Building Trust with Others.” The book is further broken down into short and effective discussions, each chapter containing seven steps for its individual recovery topic and then a discussion for how to work through each step. Finally, an exercise ends each chapter to help the reader focus on the steps he or she needs to take to move past a particular aspect of abuse.

Altogether, this book allows readers to take charge of their own recoveries, while having Michael, someone who knows what they’ve gone through, as a guide. Readers will learn how to separate the past from the present, break old habits, and find new patterns of positive thought about themselves and their futures.

In addition, the foreword by Dr. James E. Sellman outlines the more clinical view of abuse, offering eye-opening information about its effects on victims and steps to overcome the past and move from victim to survivor. Dr. Sellman discusses his own experiences working with abuse survivors, and he reveals, based on clinical experience and research, how the brain copes with the chronic stress and trauma of abuse and the symptoms that result from it, especially depression and anxiety. Finally, he concludes by explaining the four cornerstones necessary to live a healthy life and have a successful recovery. This information will be priceless for readers beginning their recovery journeys.

Michael Bluemling Jr.

About Michael Bluemling Jr. (Richmond, Virginia Author)

Michael Bluemling Jr.

Michael Bluemling Jr., is a veteran who served in the United States Army as a Non-Commissioned Officer. He received the U.S. Army Commendation Medal, two U.S. Army Achievement Medals, the U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal, the Kosovo Campaign Medal, and the NATO Medal during his four-year distinguished military career with a deployment to KFOR in 2000. After an honorable discharge from the military, he went on to hold several positions in the U.S. Government, which in all totaled over thirteen years of service to America as a Public Servant. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from ECPI University, a Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources and Employment Relations from Pennsylvania State University, and a Graduate Certificate from UMass Dartmouth in Organizational Leadership. In addition, he graduated from the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans program from Florida State University. He is also the author of three published self-help books, Turning the Page, Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian: A Road Map to Success for Veterans, and Heart to Heart Journey with God.