Two Tickets and a Feather – Present Alaska—Future of Her Past, Another Alaskan Mystery

Two Tickets and a Feather
211 Pages
ISBN 978-1-59433-222-7

Newlyweds, Doug and Mara Williams, chose to settle in Homer, Alaska, owning both a small home on the bluffs overlooking lower Cook Inlet and a fishing seiner docked among a fleet of other working boats in the picturesques harbor at the end of the Homer Spit. With the warning prophecies of Alaska native elder Joe Michael already faced and resolved in the first book of the series, "Feather from a Stranger", the newlyweds undertake their final preparations before they leave for the Sitka herring fishery.

Thanks to the amazing sacrifice made for them by Joe Michael, they set out for their first adventure as a married couple in Doug's seiner, the "Fire Ring Roamer,"no longer fearful of the future of their past—until, on her last day of work, Mara receives another mysterious message. With its setting in many Alaska locations, "Two Tickets and a Feather" is the second in this mystery series and the sequel to "Feather from a Stranger."

Marianne Schlegelmilch

About Marianne Schlegelmilch (Anchorage, Alaska Author)

Marianne Schlegelmilch

As I breathe, I write and I have written my entire life, even down to publishing my own neighborhood newspaper at the young age of ten.

I am the author of twelve published books, each of them Alaska-themed fiction. Among them are the "Feather Series" of five adventure/mystery novels, three children's books, and two modern Alaska Tales.

My books feature strong alliances with nature and a large focus on maintaining interesting and realistic characters. Many of the characters and scenes in my books are drawn from real life experiences and I have sometimes used my own photos as part of cover designs or within my Modern Alaska Tales and children's books.

I frequently find the influences of a lifelong career as a registered nurse (now retired) and the beauty and intrigue of Alaska's people and natural beauty are what make my books appealing to those who read them.

My sixth novel, a book of historical fiction set in England and pre-territorial Alaska is currently in production as is an audiobook of my first novel, "Feather from a Stranger."