Uncluttered – Discovering Strength & Purpose in the Chaos of Life

177 Pages
ISBN 978-1-63296-027-6

In my many years as a professional organizer, I have come to realize that a messy home is often an indicator that there is more going on in someone’s life than just a busy schedule and a cluttered living space. Many of my clients, with seemingly successful lives, are dealing with difficult life issues, some living in abusive situations, and many hiding from past hurts.

Uncluttered takes a look behind the mess in our lives and uncovers a surprising reality for each of us. Using my own incredible journey and stories from the lives of my clients, I will lead you to discover the real reason for the clutter in your life.

Uncluttered takes an insightful look beyond the clutter and chaos of our lives and reveals how it directly relates to experiences and challenges we have or have had. It is a refreshingly candid and down-to-earth story of Lisa’s life, intermingled with stories of her clients that are both entertaining, poignant, and designed to make us realize that the things we collect, both physical and emotional, memories and messes, all work together to keep us from our purpose in this life. If you’re looking for a way out of your mess, you’ll find a roadmap in the pages of this book. —Carol Jones, Editor, Benchmark Creative Resources

Lisa Giesler

About Lisa Giesler (Houston, Texas Author)

Lisa Giesler

Professional Organizer, Lisa is a native from New Orleans, married, and mother of two; she comes from a family of six that at times quickly expanded to a household of twelve. She learned early the value of organization and personal space that has carried forward into a career of helping others to have an enjoyable and productive life. While growing up her family called her the white tornado. Lisa believes in having things in order in your life to reduce stress and increase a sense of peace and productivity.

Her humorous and informative speaking style entertains and encourages while educating various groups on productivity, organizing, and time management skill.

"Lisa Giesler has a personality bigger than Texas and her charming personality is 'flavored' with her native New Orleans 'accent', but her true magnetism comes from her authentic love for people. I seriously doubt Lisa has ever met a stranger who didn’t walk away with a new title of 'friend'.” K.A.R., Houston, TX