Uncollapsible Cakes – Tips for Baking Cakes and Accepting the Causeways of Life

Uncollapsible Cakes
88 Pages
ISBN 9781504388733

Have you ever baked a cake that has collapsed in the middle? You aren’t the only one. Charmaine ‘Cakes’ Houck teaches readers the top five reasons a cake would collapse and how to overcome them while dispersing knowledge from her experiences in traversing some of life’s great obstacles.

Do you know how long baking soda lasts? How to test your internal oven temperature? How to make a cake in the microwave for unexpected company? Uncollapsilble Cakes will help you answer all those questions and more - not to mention provide some delicious recipes.

“My life has been quite a ride. I have battled depression, alcohol abuse, and loss, which took me to some dark places, but I found a place of zen in baking and I love sharing it with the world,” expressed Houck.​

Charmaine N. Houck, or ‘Cakes’ as her roller derby teammates and close friends call her, has lived a life of adventure, in her opinion. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, the causeways she’s traversed have made her a relatable storyteller. ​ Uncollapsible Cakes is a self-help recimoir (recipe book/memoir). You will be given true-to-life tips on baking the best cakes, along with personal sentiments, spiritual insight, and laugh-out-loud humor. Though she is sweet, Cakes can be a bit salty.

Charmaine N. Houck

About Charmaine N. Houck (South Dakota Author)

Charmaine N. Houck

Living passionately through experience is very much at the core of who I am as a person. I stay joyfully busy spending time with my husband and our three children while remaining closely involved in the community. My adventurous spirit keeps me ever working at checking off a growing bucket list, and if travel, new foods or beverages, and meeting new people are involved, count me in!