Under the Heavens – Amish Horses Series, Book I

Under the Heavens
414 Pages
ISBN 1936746794

Our fast-paced world pulls us in many directions. Amid the stress and confusion of life, take a break and experience the gentle grace found in Amish country. Let your soul be refreshed as you drink in the sounds, scenery, and values held by the lovable characters of the Amish Horses Series.

This close-knit community seems to be from days gone by, but Amish farms are alive and well just down the road from our noisy cities. In the acclaimed Amish Horses Series, Thomas Nye's writing artfully takes you there like a warm cup of tea on a rainy day.

Thomas Nye

About Thomas Nye (Iowa City, Iowa Author)

Thomas Nye

Thomas Nye, author of The Amish Horses Series, lives near an Amish community where he grew to know and respect his Amish neighbors. His love for draft horses deepened that connection and compelled him to write about his experiences. He and his wife have five grown children and six grandchildren.