Under the Tree – Micropoetry Collection

Under the Tree
114 Pages
ISBN 1545320586

She loves me. She loves me not... This micropoetry collection contains 200 poems delving into the depths of love. It's for the lovers and the fighters. For those who have loved and have been loved. For those who have lost at love or felt that they weren't worthy of love. For those who never gave up or tried to love again. These poems are for you.

Please note that this collection contains the best love themed poetry from "Mad Housekeeping" and "Everyday Moments" and some new material.

Tracy K. Meyerhofer

About Tracy K. Meyerhofer (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Tracy K. Meyerhofer

Tracy Meyerhofer is a poet and a registered nurse from Toledo, Ohio, who graduated from the Toledo Hospital School of Nursing, in collaboration with the University of Toledo. She has penned four volumes of poetry, and began her writing career in 2013. She is a contributing member of the Micro-Poetry Society, and blogs her poetry on WordPress at Fuzzy Pup Press. She has written several pieces of poetry for 200 Word Tuesday eMagazine and regularly contributes to Friday Phrases on Twitter. Tracy will be one of the featured authors in the upcoming eBook, Framing Fridays. She is a contributing, featured author on Hometown Reads, which supports local authors around the country. Tracy is also an author on GoodReads and a member of their poetry group. Her books and eBooks are available for purchase through local retailers and online at CreateSpace and Amazon.com:

Everyday Moments Hold the Most Beauty (2015) Mad Housekeeping (2016) Under the Tree (2017) Teardrops from Heaven (2017)

Tracy’s most recent work, Teardrops from Heaven, is her most personal and heartfelt book to date. Having cared for many patients over the course of her nursing career, Tracy has helped families grieve the loss of loved ones, and has also felt the gut-wrenching pain of grief and loss herself. In the poems of Teardrops from Heaven, Tracy offers words of comfort and hope to those seeking shelter from the storm. Visit Tracy Meyerhofer’s home page at www.TracyMeyerhofer.com and follow her on Amazon and social media.