Under Two Moons – Crystal Odyssey Series Book two

Under Two Moons
362 Pages
ISBN 978-1548116804

Nissa, Madoc, their siblings and the Duke's son Kerr travel north to Solwintor to seek the source of Madoc's books, written in a strange language. At a factory west of the town of Grenska they learn about a catastrophe a thousand years earlier related to their world's two moons, and about the Stronghold where people from many countries are attempting to recreate the crystal-based technology that was lost after that catastrophe.

At the Stronghold, they're each given a job appropriate to their skills; Nissa is assigned to the sewing room. Although she bemoans her fate, she uses her assignment there to instill a sense of experimentation and breaks from tradition. The need for more crystals to power the devices that were recreated based on preserved books prompts an expedition to Dulno Lake. The lake, created by the fall of an artificial satellite, is very deep. Their task is to retrieve the satellite from the depths, along with the assortment of devices and crystals it contains.

Will the expedition be successful, and will Madoc ever find the source of his books?

Joyce Hertzoff

About Joyce Hertzoff (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Joyce Hertzoff

Joyce Hertzoff is a fantasy writer who began writing fiction after a long career in the fact-based scientific literature industry.

Her novel, The Crimson Orb, the first in the Crystal Odyssey series, was first published in 2014 by the Phantasm Imprint of Assent Publications and has since been republished in 2017. A Bite of the Apple, a YA fantasy novella, was published in 2016 and won the New Mexico Press Women's fiction prize in the YA category as well as second place in the National Federation of Press Women's contest. She has also had three short stories published in anthologies: flash mysteries Natural Causes and Say Cheese in the anthologies The Darwin Murders and Tasteful Murders, and the fantasy short story, Princess Petra, in The Way Back anthology. In 2017 the second book in the Crystal Odyssey series called Under Two Moons was published.

She is a mentor and facilitator at Writers Village University and a member of SouthWest Writers and the National Federation of Press Women.

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