UNDISCOVERED – A Compilation of short stories by Timothy Trimble

72 Pages
ISBN 9781386638179

Discover the eclectic range of science fiction and fantasy stories by Timothy Trimble, finally compiled into a single book, along with a personal introduction for each story. There's no better way to learn more about this writer as he guides you on his path of exploration into asking "What if?" throughout each story.

Includes: The Wings of Leonardo, Meghan's Crayons, Touched, Squirrels With Guns, Jezi's Dilemma, Invis, The Pendant, Zap Em, and a sneek peek at "Air Born - Do You Dream of Flying?"

Why Undiscovered? Well, aside from the web-based audience who have seen some of these stories on Medium, Inkit, or OMNI, there has not been a way to see the full compilation of the stories Timothy has exposed to the world. As a whole, they are undiscovered. These stories also uncover a part of Timothy as a writer and a creative. He’s always flooded with ideas. Some good, some not so good, and some are crazy exciting. When he gets an idea for a story, he usually know right away if it’s a complex tale which needs to be fully mapped out, or if it’s to be a fanciful quest of discovery without knowing where it will lead. These stories are those quests.

The spark of ideas sometimes come from observation. Examination of animal life and wondering what would happen if they were just a little smarter - Squirrels With Guns. Some are ponderings about a historical genius with a twist of steampunk - The Wings of Leonardo. Others touch the concept of the difference between death or fading away - Invis. Sometimes he just needs a way to vent anger and frustrations with real life and the pain it brings to friends - Touched. There is the fascination with time and portals to other universes - The Pendant and Jezi’s Dilemma. His relationships with friends and associates who are autistic became the source for his desire to do research and mix in his interest in quantum entanglement - Meghan’s Crayons.

Overall, Undiscovered provides a vehicle for exposing Timothy, his ideas, inner being, and his quest as a writer. It is our hope these tales bring you much joy in reading.

Enjoy the quests!

Timothy Trimble

About Timothy Trimble (Seattle, Washington Author)

Timothy Trimble

Timothy Trimble is a published author of science fiction and fantasy, stories and novels. He has written non-fiction books for Wiley Publications, Microsoft Press, and over forty articles in print media publications. His Zegin's Adventures stories are popular ebook and print releases on Amazon, and his latest full-length urban fantasy novel, Air Born (Sept. 2016, ebook & print) has received glowing five star reviews. Due the clamoring of fans, the latest focus of his attention is Air Storm, as the second book in the Air Born trilogy series.

Timothy lives in the Pacific Northwest, where the prevalence of coffee shops and hiking trails contribute to his inspiration. His insightful, and sometimes humorous mumblings, can be followed via Twitter @TimothyTrimble and at his web site www.TimothyTrimble.com (Air Born can be found on all ebook platforms or at your local book store.) You can also find his free short story compilation in UNDISCOVERED, available on his web site.

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