Unicorn Hunt

Unicorn Hunt
104 Pages
ISBN 978-1547060085

You have always loved all things equestrian and mythological, so when the local papers start reporting that people are seeing a unicorn in a nearby park, you can't resist the urge to investigate.

UNICORN HUNT is a retro-style Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book where you can control the outcomes in the story by choosing what happens next. You're not passively reading this story. No. You are the hero, and that means you can handle things your way. But be careful! There are unexpected dangers in the local park.

Should you trust the Crazy Conspiracy Theorist Guy wearing a tinfoil hat? He has a lead for you, if you believe him. What about the dishelveled Cat Lady? Can you hold your breath long enough to dive for clues in the lake?

In UNICORN HUNT, you are the star of the story! You can read and re-read it, having a variety of adventures. Can you find the mythical unicorn?

Cory Tucholski

About Cory Tucholski (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Cory Tucholski

Cory Tucholski has been writing since junior high school. Mostly fan fiction. BAD fan fiction. He never went anywhere with it, but when his in-laws all set up blogs on Xanga, he joined in and it reawakened his interest in writing.

Cory first branched off Xanga to WordPress with a Christian philosophy and apologetics blog. He enjoyed the ministry, but his love of telling a great story eventually won out and he turned to writing fiction. Only this time, the stories weren't bad and he took the discipline part of writing much more seriously. First screenplays, then graphic novels, but good ol' prose novels and novellas are where Cory's heart lies.

Cory lives in Toledo, Ohio with his beautiful wife and 4 rambunctious kids. Yes, he writes stories for them. Produces them, too -- as audio plays using his hidden talent for voice over work. Cory's first self-published book is "Unicorn Hunt," available now! Coming soon is a series of novellas about some fascinatingly flawed superheroes as they try to clean up the fictional city of Centersville.

When not writing or wrangling offspring, Cory manages a fast food restaurant and runs a monthly Dungeons and Dragons game. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter as well, where he occasionally says interesting things.