UNSTUCK – A Story About Gaining Perspective, Creating Traction, and Pursuing Your Passion

240 Pages
ISBN 978-1-119-38162-4

Untwist the question mark from your life to start living authentically

UNSTUCK offers a path forward for those who are "stuck"—despite the comfort, security, and what should feel like success. Do you feel disengaged from a life that looks good on paper? Do you feel like there must be something more? This is your guide to getting unstuck, breaking free of your comfortable cocoon, and discovering what you are meant to be. Through the story of George Johnson, a man in a position much like yourself, you'll learn how to shed the boredom, emptiness, and confusion so you can get on with your life. Whether you need a complete overhaul or just a jumpstart, you'll find the advice you need to start making it happen.

More than just a story, this book shifts your perspective to help you realistically plan a transition from the ordinary present to the extraordinary future; emotional support coupled with practical guidance helps you find your path, identify your destination, and begin your journey.

Re-think your purpose in life and discover your calling Rediscover the truth about yourself and who you really want to be Follow a clear formula for moving forward with authenticity Break out of your comfort zone and feel fully alive The fact that you've succeeded doesn't mean that you can never change; your dedication, commitment, and skills got you this far—imagine what they could do with a healthy dose of passion! You Unstuck re-acquaints you with your authentic self, helps you uncover your passion, and guides you toward your next big thing.

Randy Gravitt

About Randy Gravitt (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Randy Gravitt

Randy has invested his life encouraging people to grow. His passion is to help next generation leaders understand the importance of living a life of integrity in order to maximize their influence. He has worked in education, both as a teacher and coach, served in a non-profit for nearly two decades, and coached high performance leadership for organizations including Chick-fil-A, Kroger, and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Randy currently speaks to organizations and teams all over the world and serves as the President and CEO of InteGREAT Leadership, whose mission is to grow a generation of integrity-based leaders. You can read his blog at randygravitt.com

Dan Webster

About Dan Webster (Co-Author)

Dan Webster

Dan is a life long student, practitioner and pioneer in the area of leadership and life development. In 1995 he founded Authentic Leadership, Inc. with the vision of inspiring leaders to live authentically. Since then he has devoted his life to speaking, writing, and mentoring leaders. He has worked with senior leaders across multiple sectors in the business, non-profit, and educational worlds. Dan served on the staff of two influential churches where he had the opportunity to build two of the largest student ministries in America. He is a distinguished visiting scholar in the Values-Driven Leadership PhD/D.B.A. program at Benedictine University in Chicago.