Unveiled Truth – Lessons I Learned Leading the International School of Kabul

Unveiled Truth
250 Pages
ISBN 9781734243611

What Woman Would Willingly Move to Afghanistan?

No woman in her right mind would choose to live in war-ravaged, male-dominated Afghanistan unless she had the golden opportunity to lead the best school in the country.

In 2005, following the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Gail Goolsby reluctantly found herself in Afghanistan to become the founding principal of the International School of Kabul. The how, when, and why make for a captivating and insightful story.

Unveiled Truth pulls back the curtain of distant cultures and reveals the challenge of overseas living. With humor and transparency, Gail shares dramatic scenes from her seven years in Kabul and unveils the lessons she learned. Mortar blasts, campus lockdowns, work disputes, cultural restrictions, and the lack of daily conveniences are some of the many challenges she faced. Though her time in Afghanistan proved difficult, Gail chose to stay, hoping to improve the lives of young people caught up in a treacherous world.

In this book, Gail encourages us to view Afghan culture in a new light, teaches us what she learned about responding to personal failures and relational difficulties, and inspires us to give of ourselves, so that in the process, we too can be irrevocably changed, just as Kabul forever changed her for the better.

Gail Goolsby

About Gail Goolsby (St. Joseph, Missouri Author)

Gail Goolsby

Gail Goolsby holds master’s degrees in Professional Counseling and Educational Leadership. She has over 25 years educational experience as teacher, school counselor, and principal, including the K-12 American school in Afghanistan. Her book Unveiled Truth: Lessons I Learned Leading the International School of Kabul details the experience with challenging applications for all readers. As a counselor and ICF certified life coach, Gail believes there is support and encouragement in God’s Word to help us all learn to live well.

Gail and her pastor husband have been married 41 years and have three grown children, two sons-in-law, and four spunky granddaughters. They live where the wind blows over the prairie in south central Kansas and there really is no place like home.