Upon Love's Wings – Power Encounters With God in Nepal

Upon Love's Wings
214 Pages
Armour Publishing, Singapore

Here is a book that you are going to want to read for yourself and get a copy for all of your family and friends. It is one of the best mission testimony books ever written by a first time author. In the book, Debbie Graham Ecker describes her first mission trip to Asia as a young woman.

Through humor and insightful reflection, Debbie takes you along for this sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, always faith-inspiring journey. Your heart will be warmed and encouraged, your faith strengthened as your read Upon Love’s Wings.

Deborah Graham Ecker

About Deborah Graham Ecker (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Author)

Deborah Graham Ecker

Entering my sixties with considerably more respect for future time allotted than I had in my fifties, I am a cancer survivor, a much loved wife, a loved but sometimes unkindly measured mother, a widely traveled sojourner, a trusted friend, a carrier of secrets and dreams, and a lover of God.

A missionary from my youth, I have visited some of the most remote parts of the earth and have found that the heartbeat of God beats equally strong for the friend as it does for the stranger. We are, indeed, all of one heart and one design. We are designed to love and to be loved by our Creator.

My passions after God and my family and friends, are reading awesomely written stories, Church History, swimming, music, and dreaming of the many stories I want to write.