Vengeance from the Deep - Pliosaur – Why T. rex Was Afraid of the Water

Vengeance from the Deep - Pliosaur
278 Pages
ISBN 1925342581

Archeologist John Paxton has always been eluded by the great find. But his luck is about to change on a mysterious island near South Africa, where he seeks a rare prehistoric fish.

Deep inside the caves, John finds more than he bargained for. He encounters the tribal elder, Kota―practically the devil himself with a plan straight from hell. Within the caverns beneath the island, the tribe worships and nurtures a prehistoric marine reptile that could engulf T. rex. The size of a sperm whale, and equipped with ten-foot jaws bristling with eighteen-inch teeth, this pliosaur is the last remaining member of the greatest predator species that ever lived. Only then does John realize Kota’s true agenda―to unleash the leviathan on the modern world to fulfill the tribe’s bloodlust for revenge.

Now John finds himself in a desperate hunt to stop the fifty-ton killing machine before the Ivory Coast washes blood red. A suicidal mission that will take him to the deep-sea floor, and face-to-face with the deadliest predator of all time.

Russ Elliott

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