Victim to Victory – 50 Keys to Unlock Your Power, Free Your Inner Winner, and Turn Your Mess Into Your Ultimate Success

Victim to Victory
132 Pages
ISBN 978-1979451581

"Victim to Victory" gives you the tools to step into your power and turn your setback into your comeback and your mess into your success. You'll learn the keys to changing your perspective so that every experience becomes a win, every problem a gift, and every adversity an ally.

With the wisdom contained within these pages, you'll find that every challenge holds the key to your ultimate triumph when you develop your skill set, re-engage your heart set and master your victorious mindset.

Jill Hendrickson

About Jill Hendrickson (Fresno, California Author)

Jill Hendrickson

Best-selling author and transformational coach Jill Hendrickson helps speakers, coaches, business owners and others find their writing voice and their compelling message so they can share it with the world.

When Jill began her career as a reporter on Capitol Hill, one of her first stories was featured on "Good Morning, America." She was the first woman to sit on the copy desk of The Japan Times in Tokyo and has worked for the Associated Press, Dun & Bradstreet, for the world’s largest newspaper organization, and in radio and TV. Jill holds an advanced degree in writing from Columbia University and has taught writing workshops for more than 15 years.

Now, instead of helping big news organizations, Jill helps individuals transform their lives and businesses through the power of the written word, including her weekend book-writing program and her spiritual writing retreat in Bali, the island of the gods and goddesses. Find out more at