War Notes

War Notes
176 Pages
ISBN 9781520375953

This book goes along with Charlie Three Four, anatomy of a deployment.

War Notes , is the actual notes, unedited, used to chronicle the deployment to Iraq of the 30th Infantry Brigade.

You can't get any more personal, than the notes from a deployed soldier. If you are intested in the realities of military conflict, and it's day to day issues. This book should give you a great insight, that, frankly, I have never seen anywhere else.

David Redmon

About David Redmon (Fayetteville, North Carolina Author)

David Redmon

David Redmon was born in southern Missouri, but lived out west most of his life before the military took him to North Carolina, where he eventually retired.

David has accumulated over three decades of military and civilian experience in the field of modern combat, and private security. His career of over 35 years has covered, three continents, two wars, over 8 years in Afghanistan alone.

He now directs his efforts to writing, sculpting, and art. He lives in Fayetteville, NC with his wife and son.

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