Watch – Some People Inherit the Strangest Things...

236 Pages
ISBN 978-1-909374-29-4

Corky inherits her Uncle Moony's diary and finds he had a strange and frightening obsession about his brother - a brother with his own disturbing practices. Moony watched Edgar as though his life depended on it. Edgar watched his brother right back. But Edgar disappeared and now nobody has seen him for years.

Corky can't decide which one was crazier. Now that Moony is gone, who will be forced to take up the next watch? What has she really inherited?

Cass J McMain

About Cass J McMain (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Cass J McMain

Cass McMain was born and raised in the Albuquerque's North Valley.

She now lives in Albuquerque's South Valley, where she writes large stories about small things. Her publisher considers her relentless in this endeavor.

She hopes he will continue to appreciate this quality.

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