We The Consumers – What Happened to" We the People"?

We The Consumers
80 Pages
4-P Publishing
ISBN 9781941749135

Most people struggle with their finances. We the majority are in debt to at least one creditor, and the amount of debt can be in the tens of thousands - or more. How is a person supposed to pay that off? Furthermore, how does a person avoid a situation like that? In "We The Consumers: What Happened to 'We the People'?" Stephanie Dickert explains the reasons why people are In financial debt and a simple way to become debt-free. The author shows that you can save one million dollars -regardless of your income level.

Stephanie Dickert

About Stephanie Dickert (Chattanooga, Tennessee Author)

Stephanie Dickert

Stephanie Dickert is an entrepreneur and owner of "Stewardship For Life," an accounting firm. She is a reformed banker-turned accountant. She also developed "Money 101". She has appeared on several talk shows about money management and living life in balance.