Weaving the Wind

Weaving the Wind
101 Pages
ISBN 9781456439286

Wind: wild, restless and unrelenting or gentle, calming and sustaining fill the poems in Weaving the Wind with emotional experiences that touch each of us. From a raging windstorm to the intoxicating fragrance of mimosa; from the drift of snow flakes to a leaf floating in a pond, the images in Weaving the Wind, while depicting the erratic nature of weather, offer a possible perspective filled with hope and healing.

In Weaving the Wind the reality that we cannot control the wind is a perfect metaphor for life's unexpected and unearned challenges that suddenly come into our lives disturbing plans and redefining who we are and what our true purpose is. The author offers poems that are dramatic, introspective and filled with intimate and soul-deep integrity. Whether confronted with grief and loneliness or abiding love and consolation her writing always returns the reader to a stunning sense of renewal.

This collections is a comforting resource. Within these pages the reader will find a sense of harmony, inner peace and a celebration of their own ability to weave passion, purpose and compassion into the tapestry of their lives while honoring their destiny and celebrating the indomitable spirit in each of us.

Giomi finds inspiration in nature--its cycles, its perseverance, its uncanny way of illuminating the human spirit through metaphor. The wind serves as a controlling metaphor in this collection, moving through the human landscape, bringing change and celebrating the . The stars also serve as a powerful metaphor for the interconnectedness of human beings and with both the environment and each other.y and celebrating the indomitable spirit in each of us. Forward-Clarion Review

Thelma A. Gomi

About Thelma A. Gomi (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Thelma A. Gomi

THELMA GIOMI, a psychologist, author and award winning poet, is a native of New Mexico. She is also someone who lives with a chronic (incurable) illness, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). From the essence of her being she draws from the challenges of coping with the necessity to cope and finds the invincible vitality within, a creative energy and passion for life. In her writing and public speaking, she shares her experiences with chronic illness and refusal to allow it to define her life while finding instead unconquerable resilience. Her writing, in novels and poems, is joyful, encouraging and, without apology, passionate.

Other books by Thelma Giomi include: Weather’s Store: Encounters with the Sacred, Weaving the Wind, Winter’s Invitation and Jaleo. Find these and more on Amazon, Kindle, other digital media and in bookstores. To read more from the author herself go to www.drtgiomi.com

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