West of Tomorrow

West of Tomorrow
295 Pages
ISBN 978-1515159933

In West of Tomorrow, a re-careered Marine officer turned corporate trainer confronts his tortured past and uncertain future in a crisis of conscience and identity. While mentoring Sheera Prasad, a rising star cherry-picked from another company, Clay Conover falls for her despite knowing better. While both of them know better, neither seems able to resist the other.

As the relationship develops and Sheera's mentoring continues, Clay discovers the woman he's close to loving has been hired specifically to replace their mutual boss, the man who hired Clay and whom he likes and respects. He can keep his job if he goes along to get along, but to whom does Clay owe his highest loyalties...his boss, his career or himself? Whichever he chooses, Clay knows the choice will define him forever.

Set in twenty-first century California, West of Tomorrow is a tale of corporate intrigue, betrayal, misplaced love and the Phoenix living in all of us.

Dirk B. Sayers

About Dirk B. Sayers (Orange County, California Author)

Dirk B. Sayers

Dirk grew up in America's heartland, under skies that seemed to press the horizons into straight lines. Roads and rows of crops mirrored the horizon and the speech of the natives with whom he grew up. Those horizons always called to him, and in common with many who grew up on the plains, horizons gradually drew him away, ostensibly to serve his country, but equally in search of the unfamiliar.

After 22 years' service as a Marine officer, Dirk left the Corps, took a two-year sabbatical in California to get a Masters' degree in Organizational Development and began his second career as a corporate trainer and district manager in the greater Los Angeles area. In the aftermath of the financial collapse of 2008, Dirk turned to writing full time.

He published his first novel, West of Tomorrow, in 2015 and has several works in progress. He currently lives in Laguna Niguel with his wife, two psychotic cats and a Ball Python named Corona. He currently facilitates a writer's group and is a member of Southern California Writer's Association. Besides writing, Dirk surfs, skis and putters around in his garage building furniture.

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