What I Need 2 Succeed – From A to Z for Teens

What I Need 2 Succeed
165 Pages
ISBN 978-1-63047-886-5

What I Need 2 Succeed explores the keys to living a happy and fulfilling life by looking at the character traits of highly successful individuals. It details twenty-six different traits, one for each letter of the alphabet, and provides a famous figure that exemplifies each trait. Each famous person provides a quote that correlates with the character trait of the chapter, and is analyzed so readers can see how to emulate the celebrity’s success. The celebrities include Walt Disney, Thomas Jefferson, and Amelia Earhart, and range from scientists, to businessmen, to sports stars.

By learning more about the lives of these great people and the qualities that they possessed, teens will be better equipped to turn the struggles of their lives into successes. Reading into the failures and hardships faced by these individuals will provide teens with a model to follow for challenges in their own lives.

What I Need 2 Succeed seeks to provide teenage readers with a sense of hope for their future. All people were young once, and if the twenty-six great people described could turn their hardships into victories, then readers can too. What I Need 2 Succeed encourages readers to utilize the qualities possessed by successful individuals in their own way to develop their own personal philosophy and beliefs. Everyone will fail, but only the truly great will overcome.

Linda Carter

About Linda Carter (Birmingham, Alabama Author)

Linda Carter

Linda Carter has been a high school business teacher for over 20 years, as well as a business owner and an accountant. She knows and understands teenagers and the struggles they face; she also knows what it takes to be a success in business. She has written two career tech courses currently being taught to high school students through ACCESS Virtual Learning in Alabama, the third largest K12 virtual education program in the nation.