What Though the Odds – Haley Scott's Journey of Faith and Triumph

What Though the Odds
232 Pages
ISBN 978-1929478972

When Dick Rosenthal retired as athletic director in 1995 after a lifetime of service to the University of Notre Dame, he was asked about the most memorable moment during his tenure. Without hesitation, the chief of sports at America's most storied university replied, "Haley Scott." When the Notre Dame women's swim team suffered a fatal bus crash, the lives of those on the bus, their families, and the community were changed forever. Paralyzed after the accident, Haley Scott was told she would never walk again. That was unacceptable to her. With the help of those who cared most about her - her family, her school and her teammates - she chose a different fate and promised not only to walk, but to swim again for the Fighting Irish. In Haley's words: "This book tells several stories woven together that complete my life today. It is the story of a young girl who fights for her life, and then for her dreams, and then for her life's happiness. It is the story of family - both the one to whom I was born, and the one created around me as I faced my greatest life challenge.  It is the story of my faith, which was not yet defined at the start, but that was shaped by the goodness of others. In a world in need of hope, it is a story to be shared."

Haley Scott DeMaria

About Haley Scott DeMaria (Annapolis, Maryland Author)

Haley Scott DeMaria

In 1992, Haley Scott DeMaria was a member of the Notre Dame women’s swim team when the bus carrying the team overturned in a snow storm. The fatal accident left Haley paralyzed from the waist down, and after two emergency surgeries, Haley was told she would never walk again. Less than two years later, Haley would return to Notre Dame’s swim team, competing again for the Fighting Irish. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Haley Scott DeMaria graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in History. She later received her Masters in Teaching from the University of Southern California, and taught and coached at her high school alma mater. Haley has received several national awards as a result of her inspiring recovery; including the inaugural Gene Autry Courage in Sport Award (1994), Women of Distinction (1994), National Institute for Sport Fellow (1995), and the Honda Award for Inspiration (1995). "What Though the Odds" is currently being adapted to a major motion picture (only the third movie to be filmed on Notre Dame’s campus). Haley travels the country to speak to schools, churches, businesses and civic organizations. In 2012, she served as the commencement speaker at the University of Notre Dame; repeating this honor in 2013 at Seton Hill University and in 2015 at St. Ambrose University. Haley and her husband, Jamie, live in Annapolis, MD, with their two sons, both of whom look just like their dad, but only one of whom acts like him.