When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls
232 Pages
ISBN 1543055591

A missing father.

A mysterious lighthouse.

A girl willing to risk it all to learn the truth.

The last thing seventeen-year-old Austen Gillet expected to find on her way home from work was her dad’s car on the side of the road, empty except for the dead woman inside.

Determined to discover the truth about what happened to her father, Austen enlists the help of Ezra, a newcomer with secrets of his own, and Ian, an eccentric lighthouse keeper. Delving deeper into her town's dark history, Austen uncovers reports of missing people, mysterious monsters, portals to other worlds, and mayhem stretching back well over a century.

While coming to terms with her new, nightmarish reality, Austen has to figure out who she can trust, who wants her father dead, and what’s really going on underneath the surface of her small town before it costs her her life.

Chanda Stafford

About Chanda Stafford (Traverse City, Michigan Author)

Chanda Stafford

Chanda Stafford was born and raised in northern Michigan. It’s the kind of place where you have to put chains on your tires for nine months out of the year and when people ask you where you live, you hold your hand up like a mitten and point.

When she became tired of the snow, she moved to Arizona and fell in love with the mountains. Eventually, Michigan called her home again and she moved back, although she still misses the mountains, the warm temperatures, and the amazing people she met along the way.

To keep busy, Chanda teaches high school English, rescues animals, sells vintage and antique treasures, and writes books. She has four books out: First and Imposter (books one and two of the Live Once trilogy), Burning Bright, and When Darkness Falls.