Where the Viscount Met His Match – Ways of Love - Book 2

Where the Viscount Met His Match
380 Pages

Secrets. Lies. And a second chance at love…

Mara Miller has been living a secret life in the guise of Miss Anna Smith for nearly a decade. Forced to give up the only man she’d ever loved, she finally made a place for herself in London as a modest, haberdashery owner.

Until one day changes it all.

Roarke Garrott, Viscount Eversleigh, is determined to put his life – and his heart – back together. Returning to England after more than a seven year hiatus in India, he returns to the very woman he’s never been able to forget. Working together for a common goal, the truth – and the past – come back to haunt them as they return to where it all began.

Tabetha Waite

About Tabetha Waite (Columbia, Missouri Author)

Tabetha Waite

A small town girl from the Midwest, Tabetha knew from the age of nine that she wanted to be a writer, after her teacher said she liked reading her stories. It wasn't until she was in high school that her grandma introduced her to Harlequins, and the vintage Gothic romances become her genre of choice.

Years later, after the birth of her two daughters and the marriage to her true to life hero, she finally saw her dream become a reality when her debut historical, Why the Earl is After the Girl was picked up for publication in 2016.