Where the Water Rages – A Novel

Where the Water Rages
275 Pages
ISBN 9780997117691

After reaching a breaking point in her marriage, American journalist, Kimly Denim, leaves her ordinary life behind in order to accomplish something of greater significance. She travels to Thailand with hopes of writing an investigative story on Human Trafficking. It isn’t long before Kimly is befriended by Dak, a resourceful widower, with striking gray eyes, who seems intent on inserting himself into her cause.

Noi is a nine-year-old Burmese village girl who has been sold into slavery and is struggling for survival. Listen to Noi’s heart as she recounts the darkness her young eyes have seen. Can she overcome evil around her, and find her way home?

Journey with Kimly and Dak as their pursuits lead them to historical sites on this Southeast Asian peninsula, including the Golden Triangle, where they uncover a far-reaching prostitution ring. Will their search take them to the place where they are able to find the freedom they don’t know they lack?

Jacquelyn Sill

About Jacquelyn Sill (Los Angeles, California Author)

Jacquelyn Sill

Death. Infidelity. Public humiliation. In the aftermath, the future looked pretty bleak, but somewhere in this terrible mess--there had to be goodness. Life after death. Love after betrayal. Beauty from ashes.

After living for a few years in the land between what had happened and what was yet to come, Jacquelyn and her husband, David relocated from an agricultural town in Arizona to their new home in Southern California. They returned to the place she and her husband, of nearly three decades, call home.

Jacquelyn writes nearly every day, stretching herself between fiction, memoir blogging, and collegiate creative writing classes. Kharis Publishing released her fictional manuscript, Where the Water Rages, a novel in October 2016. She speaks publicly when the Lord opens the door, and non-stop when she's with her closest few.