Whither We Tend

Whither We Tend
390 Pages
ISBN 978-0578850405

Simon Gates is a mild-mannered insurance agent from Stratford, Connecticut. Major Gus Spiros is a war-weary ex-contractor for the US Government. The two men meet by accident and start a series of events that will lead them both toward a war that will attempt to reclaim America.

By writing "The Plan", Gus commits to driving the bigotry from the hearts and minds of the Alt-Right and rallying the extremes of both sides of the political fringe to fight for a common cause. He creates an Army from a group of Alt-right Travel-Trailer enthusiast Americans who tend toward the anti-government sentiment, and sets the stage for a civil war that aims to reclaim the principles set forth by our founding fathers. Simon joins the Military in a new volunteer program that is designed to reinforce an Army that is reeling from Government cuts at the hands of a despotic President hell-bent on driving the Seditionist fringe into oblivion. Simon finds out in the end that sometimes your worst enemies come from your most trusted leaders.

Their fates will bring them together in a symbolic way that represents the unification of both sides of the current political extremes in this Nation, to see that if you wipe away the hate, we are all fighting for the same thing. This political dystopian story tracks straight out of the political events of today and poses the question, where will we go from here? Just as Lincoln asked of the people in his House divided speech, Whither We Tend asks the question, whether we are heading towards a war that will tear us apart or a war that will unite us as a stronger and better Nation. The answer is entirely up to us.


About Christopher (Fairfield County, Connecticut Author)


I'm a man with many facets. I sail, I cook, I write, and I make videos. That probably is not in order of interest for me, but rather in order of how much I have earned from each trade.

I grew up in Stratford, CT and started writing as a kid. I was first awarded a book award for a children's book I wrote in first grade, and that always kind of stuck with me. I spent most of my life thus far as "That Sailing Guy" despite having two degrees in journalism and broadcasting. In 2018, however, for the second time in my life, my sailing business was killed due to a hurricane. I decided then to pursue my degrees and created The Charted Life Productions.

For a long time, the idea of writing and movie making would have been impossible for me to even dream, because of my ADHD. Now that I am receiving proper instruction on how to live with ADHD however, I am preparing to publish my second book, The Sailboat and am halfway through writing my third book. I am also making preparations to film my first movie, The Great Loop.