Why Motivating People Doesn't Work...And What Does – The New Science of Leading, Energizing, and Engaging

Why Motivating People Doesn't Work...And What Does
232 Pages
ISBN 978-1626561823

Top consultant, trainer, and coach Susan Fowler says: "Stop trying to motivate people. They are already, but generally in superficial, short-term ways."

Fowler applies psychological discoveries to lay out a tested model and course of action that will help leaders guide their people towards the kinds of motivation that not only increases productivity and engagement but gives them a profound sense of purpose.

Her Optimal Motivation process shows leaders how to move people away from dependence on external rewards and discover how their jobs can meet deeper psychological needs - for autonomy, relatedness, and competence - that science tells us result in meaningful and sustainable motivation.

Susan’s book is the groundbreaking answer for leaders who want to “get motivation” right!

Susan Fowler

About Susan Fowler (San Diego, California Author)

Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler implores leaders to stop trying to motivate people. In her bestselling book, she explains Why Motivating People Doesn't Work… And What Does: The New Science of Leading, Engaging, and Energizing.

Susan educates leaders on motivation best practices based on solid science communicated through compelling storytelling, case studies, and real-life examples. Through her writing, speaking, consulting, training, and coaching, Susan is dedicated to providing leaders around the globe with a cutting-edge framework, dynamic model, and pragmatic course of action to shape workplaces where people flourish while producing sustainable results.

Susan is the author of by-lined articles, peer-reviewed research, and six books, including the bestselling Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager with Ken Blanchard. She is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post and LeaderChat. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have learned from her ideas through training programs such as the Situational Self Leadership and Optimal Motivation product lines. Susan is a professor in the Masters of Science in Executive Leadership program for the University of San Diego and a rotating board member for Angel Faces, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping adolescent girls with severe burn and trauma injuries.