Why the Earl is After the Girl – Ways of Love - Book 1

Why the Earl is After the Girl
293 Pages
ISBN 9781944138844

A missing heirloom. A stolen inheritance. Can love conquer mistrust?

Athena Hawthorne never imagined that she would lose everything she'd ever had. But after the death of her father, his prosperous jewelry store is sold off to pay his supposed debts. Athena, now destitute, embarks on a mission to discover the truth, but circumstances force her to accept an offer from a handsome stranger to work as a governess. She's determined to clear her father's name, but a certain earl is making matters far more difficult than necessary. And she can't be in danger of losing her heart to a member of the aristocracy...

Orion Ashcroft, the Earl of Rockford, is convinced that Athena is a grasping thief who stole a priceless family heirloom, the rare sapphire known as the Couleur Magnifique. When he offers her the position of governess to his sister's children, he only intends to catch her in some nefarious scheme and get back the sapphire—his grandmother's dying wish. But he soon discovers that keeping his distance—and his sanity—around the beautiful Athena isn't as easy as he'd planned. It certainly doesn't help that his sister and his best friend plead her innocence at every frustrating turn. Soon he's struggling between honoring his promise and his growing attraction to Athena.

But there's danger closer than either expect. Even a masquerade can't hide Athena from the curiosity of the ton forever...and there's a threat hiding among the highest members of society...

Tabetha Waite

About Tabetha Waite (Columbia, Missouri Author)

Tabetha Waite

A small town girl from the Midwest, Tabetha knew from the age of nine that she wanted to be a writer, after her teacher said she liked reading her stories. It wasn't until she was in high school that her grandma introduced her to Harlequins, and the vintage Gothic romances become her genre of choice.

Years later, after the birth of her two daughters and the marriage to her true to life hero, she finally saw her dream become a reality when her debut historical, Why the Earl is After the Girl was picked up for publication in 2016.