Wicked Takes the Witness Stand – A Tale of Murder and Twisted Deceit in Northern Michigan

Wicked Takes the Witness Stand
424 Pages
ISBN 978-0-472-05169-4

On a bitterly cold afternoon in December of 1986, a Michigan state trooper found the frozen body of Jerry Tobias. The dead man, a 31-year-old oilfield worker, was pressed against the tailgate of his pickup truck, clad only in jeans, a checkered shirt, and cowboy boots.

Residents of Gaylord, a seemingly quiet resort town in the northern reaches of the Mitten's Lower Peninsula, weren't used to such gruesome discoveries being made in their own backyard. But the Tobias case had more disturbing revelations in store.

A thicket of bungled forensics, shady prosecution, police cover-ups, and a psychotic star witness out for revenge tangled the mysterious case, and will leave readers questioning their deepest convictions about crime, justice, guilt and innocence.

Mardi Link

About Mardi Link (Traverse City, Michigan Author)

Mardi Link

Mardi Link is a former police and general assignment reporter and the New York Times bestselling author of five books of non-fiction. She lives in Traverse City, Michigan.