Willow's Secret

Willow's Secret
338 Pages

She laughed when she heard of her stepfather's untimely demise. It was at that precise moment he fell in love.

Willow is capable and vibrant in a society that does not yet value the opinions of women. Too busy for daydreams of handsome heroes, it doesn't prevent fantasies of the distractingly virile Charles from intruding on her thoughts more frequently than she'd like.

Knowing his presence in her life threatens all she's ever known, Willow fights the pursuit of the one man who can ravage her world. As she tries to ignore her growing attraction, he has no shame in fanning the fiery flames that spark every time they are near each other.

This is a quick-reading, historical romance filled with intrigue and steamy sensuality.

Mimi Foster

About Mimi Foster (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Mimi Foster

Bestselling writer of steamy romance novels in the early morning hours, award-winning Realtor during the day, Mimi is an incurable romantic who loves to create sexy but tender escapes about unforeseen encounters that forever alter lives for the better.

In addition to being married to her perfect human, Mimi is a blogger and photographer. She made five perfect female humans (her greatest achievement). They, in turn, have made five small perfect humans.

She loves to hear from readers, so be sure to find her on her website (MimiFosterBooks.com), or interact with her on social media.