Wilson's Odyssey – and the Joy of S.T.E.M.

Wilson's Odyssey
2 to the seventh power Pages
ISBN 978-1-365-21149-2

Wilson's Odyssey, a story based on true events, tells of an engineer who struggles to make his way in the dawning of solid state power electronics without the proper credentials. The book is a S.T.E.M.novel in that it contains a few brief segments best under-stood by one versed in the art of electronic circuit design. Some of these are available for comment at wilson.odd.blogspot.com

R. R. Gilbert

About R. R. Gilbert (San Diego, California Author)

R. R. Gilbert

R.R.Gilbert is a retired power electronics engineer with over 30 years experience in undersea, land and spacecraft applications. He designed the power circuits for the motor inverters on Lockheed's research submersible, Deep Quest, and was responsible for the redesign of the motor inverters on the Navy's Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles, thereby allowing the vehicles to be commissioned. The DSRVs later were featured in the movies "The Hunt for Red October" and "Grey Lady Down." He also designed power inverters for solar energy and was a pioneer in the development of high energy density flywheel energy storage systems. Mr. Gilbert is a graduate of Lehigh University where he earned a B.S.M.E. and Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ where he grew up. He now lives with his wife, Sandy, in Point Loma, California where he is a member of the La Playa Writers' Workshop.