Win/Win Networking – Your Guidebook for Confident and Effective Connections

Win/Win Networking
106 Pages
ISBN 1634890086

If you weren’t born a natural networker — you are not alone! Skillful networking is something that you develop and practice—even if networking doesn’t come naturally for you.

In Win/Win Networking, you’ll gain easy-to-implement tips, tools, and new ways to approach networking that are a win/win for you and the people you meet. With Win/Win Networking, you'll:

  • Receive interactive exercises, checklists, templates, and journal pages to discover where and how to network in ways that work specifically for you.
  • Access insights to become more effective, confident, and energized in making connections.
  • Gain powerful tools to strategize your next networking opportunities, both in-person and online.

Teresa Thomas

About Teresa Thomas (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Teresa Thomas

Teresa Thomas shares her passion for creating energizing connections through networking events, facilitated workshops, speaking, and writing. In 2007, Teresa took on the leadership of MN Women In Networking (WIN) to provide welcoming, networking, and professional development events for authentic, motivated women in business to lift each other up for success. She is a highly sought after speaker, seminar facilitator, and trainer. Teresa has hosted more than 500 networking events, including workshops, conferences, and roundtable discussions.