Words Are Made Up! – (and other thoughts that hurt to think)

Words Are Made Up!
156 Pages
ISBN 978-1944916732

Not everyone feels the need to point out ridiculous things when they see them, or make jokes about very serious things; but some of us do. This book is for us.

Not everyone wakes up in the morning wondering who uttered the first word, how weather forecasters can be wrong so often and not lose their jobs, or how voters don’t have time to read what they vote on; but some of us do. This book is for us, too.

Not everyone likes to think about situations beyond their control, especially when those things could invade their lives at any time; but some of us do. This book is definitely for us.

You should get this book, if you’re one of us.

J.K. Norry

About J.K. Norry (Sacramento, California Author)

J.K. Norry

Jay Norry, aka J.K. Norry, is the multi-genre author of several books, many blog posts, and a few short stories.

He wrote his first book in his early twenties. After sitting on the manuscript for almost ten years, Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light was finally published via a small press in January 2012. Jay wrote his next book shortly after, and published Demons & Angels through his own company (Sudden Insight Publishing) in December 2014.

Since then he's written a lot of books. And he doesn't seem to be able to stop.

It's not a bad problem to have.

Jay lives in the hottest part of Northern California with his wife Dawn and their furry little princess Ximena. While he spends most of his hours on the side porch writing books, he also enjoys ticking items off his unending to-do list, drinking good scotch, and dreaming up future home projects.