Work Quilting – Piece Together Diverse Income Streams; Live an Insanely Awesome Life.

Work Quilting
111 Pages
Morewellson, LTD
ISBN 9781546605539

This simple, quick read will help you to envision the life you desire doing the work you're meant to do.

Are you ready to be your own boss, set your own schedule and shift your outlook on how to create the lifestyle you seek?

Work Quilting is all about using every one of your unique talents and skills. It's about turning your dreams into reality.

Vikki Walton

About Vikki Walton (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Vikki Walton

Vikki Walton loves change and learning. These two things were instrumental in two of her main pursuits--Work Quilting and travel. In our current day, she realized that having only one stream of income or doing only one form of work was not enough for her. So she decided to craft her own work quilt around her interests and desires. She then went on to write Work Quilting: Piece together diverse income streams; live an insanely awesome life.

As a house and pet sitter, Vikki spends her time traveling the globe to care for furry family members while the human family travels. In other words, she sleeps in stranger's beds. It's like living all over the world without the upkeep. She also speaks to women who love to travel through her girlswantago blog and social media.

Vikki has always loved the mystery genre so she combined her passion for backyard farming or suburban homesteading and put it into a mystery series. The first book in the series is Chicken Culprit.

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