Worship HER – Resurrect Your Pleasure, Embody Your Sexual Power, and Live Unapologetically for YOU

Worship HER
174 Pages
ISBN 978-1974631070

We are rising out of the old paradigm of patriarchal rule and into a new era of empowerment where the feminine and masculine join in communion. What does that mean for us as mothers, wives, friends, and lovers? How can we be fully in our power… and still be sexual, sensual, and playful?

In worship HER, we’ll unpack the dynamics of practical sexuality and how it expresses WHO you are, while influencing the way you connect with others. This list includes yourself, your partner, your children, your colleagues, and even your clients. From pornography addiction to positive parenting, flirting with strangers, and the myth of outgrowing your partner… we’ll cover it all.

As you make yourself a priority and step into the truth that pleasure is not something you HAVE TO give, it’s something you get to create. You’ll see that spiritual gold lies in the sexual power of your womb space. Here in lies your deepest and most raw source of truth.

Steena Marie Brown

About Steena Marie Brown (Kalamazoo, Michigan Author)

Steena Marie Brown

Steena Marie Brown’s journey has gone from good-little-girl to Sexual Empowerment Coach for women and their men. This required a deep release of fear, shame, perfectionism, and self-sabotaging patterns.

Training to become a birth doula...and her healing path through marriage, motherhood, and entrepreneurship...taught Steena the art of sacred, aligned, sexy success on her own terms which she now uses in her work. Her unique blend of deep energy alchemy and soul work awakens women to their inner V-Power (that’s V for vagina, voice, and visibility) as they shift out of victimhood and live as fully embodied women - transforming their lives, relationships, and work.