Worst Enemies – A Penns River Crime Novel

Worst Enemies
380 Pages
ISBN 978-1943402427

Penns River rarely sees two homicides in a year. Two in little over a week is almost too much for the police force to handle. The assigned detectives — Ben Dougherty, a former MP and Penns River native, and retired Pittsburgh cop Willie Grabek — find links to bind the two cases, but their investigation is complicated by the involvement of private investigator Daniel Rollison, a retired spy on a suspect’s payroll who is really working for himself.

Pittsburgh mob boss Mike Mannarino also lives in Penns River and has more than a passing interest in the case. The two cops’ savvy competes with the limitations of their small town’s resources and the interference of Rollison and Mannarino in a story that shows identifying a killer and proving it are separate things.

Praise for WORST ENEMIES …

“You’re going to be surprised and delighted. It’s a great book, and I recommend it unreservedly.” — Leighton Gage, author of the Inspector Mario Silva series

“I finished reading this book on a gurney in an Emergency Room with crying kids, a car accident victim and a loud drunk keeping me company, and barely noticed them. If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is!” — New Mystery Reader

Dana King

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