Write from the Heart – Amused Musings to Advance Your Craft

Write from the Heart
74 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9969371-4-6

Write. Now.

We authors stand in a long line of tribal odd-fellows. We are that strange member of the community who stays awake and watches the skies and observes the stars. We are the moon gazers who offer myth and legend to explain and carry lessons for the benefit of the whole village. Write from the Heart offers anecdotes and inspiration to support you, the creative artist.

The world desperately needs more storytellers. Right now.

Jeffrey J. Michaels

About Jeffrey J. Michaels (Orange County, California Author)

Jeffrey J. Michaels

Author Jeffrey J. Michaels is a Gemini. As such he is deeply involved in whatever interests him at the moment. Currently he is polishing a sweeping fantasy series of interconnected tales collectively known as “The Mystical Histories.” It is varied enough that he may even finish most of the stories. He likes to think of his work as “metaphyictional,” combining fantasy and humor with metaphysical elements.

Jeff presents writing workshops at conferences, writers groups, schools, and libraries. He recently compiled Write from the Heart: Amused Musings to Advance Your Craft with insights from his blogs and workshops. His short story, “The Inevitable Avocado” is included in the Southern California Writers Association's Anthology, It’s All in the Story which was published in October 2017.

In his real life he is a well-respected creative and spiritual consultant. He doesn’t like to talk about his award-winning horror story.

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