Yani and the Knapper – The Journey

Yani and the Knapper
283 Pages
ISBN 9781532388576

The action starts with Yani, a ten year old girl, dancing with a cloud of butterflies in a sun drenched meadow. By the end of the day she has been traded to the traveling flint Knapper for a handful of flint blades. The Knapper, who is growing old, considers the trade the best he has ever made. Yani is exactly like the daughter he might have had if he had not become crippled. The village is not unhappy to see a difficult child settled somewhere else.

The story takes the two travelers on a seasonal journey from the Knapper’s shelter on a flint strewn beach of the northern sea to the Mountains That Are Always White in the south. Along the way they encounter many adventures. And a warm bond develops between Yani and her adopted father. This book has everything; wolves, blizzards, bears and much more.

Loosely based on a quasi- Stone Age Europe, the villages are based on actual reproductions of archaeological sites in Europe.

Cherie Coon

About Cherie Coon (Grants Pass, Oregon Author)

Cherie Coon

My life started out moving around Florida, living in a small trailer, renting out servicycles on dirt tracks. After the gypsy life for a few years my family settled down in a small Ohio town where I attended school. After graduating from The Ohio State University, my wandering life began in earnest. I spent 21 years as an Army wife, much of that time in Germany.

I continued my life in Germany as a teacher after my children left home and my first husband and I split up. For 20 years I taught the children of the military stationed there. Shortly before I retired I remarried and my husband and I live in Grants Pass, OR.

My travel has been the inspiration for my first two books.

When not writing, I enjoy gardening, quilting and, of course, reading. I still travel as much as possible. Often to North Carolina where my children and most of my other family members live.

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