Year-In-Review – The Entirely True Histories of a Perfectly Wretched Family

129 Pages
ISBN 9781476055305

Concussive diaper explosions and aircraft lavatories. (The Mile-High Club just isn’t the same thing after kids.) Death, destruction and debt. (How can a child be born $1800 in the hole?) Sibling rivalries of biblical proportions. (“I’m telling God!” “Oh yeah? I’m telling Mom!”) Sometimes the experience of training up kids seems more akin to experiencing a train wreck.

Life with children is rarely predictable, idyllic or sane. Keffler's momoirs chronicle the misadventures of one wretched family, whose father and mother once upon a time asked themselves, “How hard can parenting really be?” A voyeuristic consolation for the familially downtrodden, as well as a cautionary tale for the naively optimistic pre-parent, Year-In-Review confesses with therapeutic horror and humor that sometimes the best a family can do is smile, get in the minivan, and hope the neighbors had their windows closed.

Maria Keffler

About Maria Keffler (Washington, DC Author)

Maria Keffler

Maria Keffler is a novelist, blogger, and World's Best Mom runner-up #2,451,752. She lives in Arlington, VA, near (but not in) the cemetery, with her three darling cherubs and STEM-y hubs. She blogs at about things like tarantula-milking lawyers and the savagery of familial relationships; and she is presently writing her next novel and working on a simple formula to predict prime numbers to infinity.

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