Yellow Bright

Yellow Bright
71 Pages
Independently Published
ISBN 1798251663

A novella retelling of "Snow White".

When Liddy leaves her home to pursue her dream of being a scribe in the city of Pari, nothing could have prepared her for the mysteries she encounters. Dwarves. Legends. Royalty and court intrigue. And an old friend with far too many secrets.After Liddy accepts the proposal of an old friend, she finds herself delving into a world she never dreamed of entering. Thrust into the beauty and intrigue of a royal court, Liddy longs for love but finds herself fighting for a family she never imagined she could have.

However, even darker secrets lay behind the gilded walls of the palace. Another realm lurks just a mirror's width away: a realm of magic and mystery guarded by a dangerous and beautiful dwarf king.As Liddy hunts for the truth hidden beyond her grasp, she begins to realize she is in a race to protect everything she holds dear, including the young stepdaughter in her care.

Cortney Manning

About Cortney Manning (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Cortney Manning

Cortney Manning resides in Kansas City, Missouri with her amazing family and a grown Labrador who still thinks he is a puppy. When not at home, she can be found teaching, studying at college, or working at a magical place in Orlando. She has loved exploring different stories from a young age and is excited to share her own writing with the world. In her free time, Cortney enjoys drawing, traveling, and afternoon tea.

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